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Economic prosperity of Azerbaijan, lack of high-quality service pushed us to create a supply company and service, such as HELPERS Supply Co. Large-scale works on town-planning, construction of office buildings, hotels and residences are being carried out on the territory of the country. We are engaged in the service, rent and supply of every necessary equipment for your projects, thereby saving you from exhausting searches and working with unqualified suppliers.

Accuracy and tactfulness of work are one of the main components of our young, but already left positive feedback from our esteemed customers, company. With us your work will go much better as we have experience in such large projects as the Contract of Century, Shakhdeniz 1 and Shakhdeniz 2. Leave all the care of  delivering  the equipment you need to us. So you will save time and concentrate on your main work.

HELPERS Supply Co is a responsible seller of electrical and technical  equipment developed and manufactured by foreign companies. These are products such as office containers, office equipment, light sources (generators, coolers, floodlights), electricity meters, low-voltage equipment, installation products, wires (cable-carrying systems), construction equipment and other.

Why our technical equipment is so popular?

– Each product made in excellent quality, which is confirmed by strict compliance with State Standards.

Why is our techno equipment so popular?
– Each product is distinguished by excellent quality, which is confirmed by strict compliance with State Standards.

– A variety of devices are presented on sale, starting with wiring products, containers, construction and finishing materials for installation.

– We can equip any object and you will not spend sky-high sums on it. That’s why the company’s services are used by customers with any budget.

– Delivery of equipment is carried out as responsibly and promptly as possible, which, by the way, is what many of our customers focus on.

HELPERS Supply Co is not only the widest range of electrical and technical  equipment, it’s a real professional team.

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